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The Difference Between Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Diesel and gasoline, they are two main fuels that keep vehicles running. While they come from two sources, you can’t interchangeably use them. Because they have different chemical properties, cars utilize them in a variety of ways. The following is a quick overview of their differences. Both fuels use crude oil, but they have different […]

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Getting Ready For a Road Trip

It can be exciting to go on a road trip. A journey hopefully in good company or sweet solitude in a vehicle, with no one to check in with but the road (and maybe loved ones from time to time to let them know you are okay). Whether the scheduled destinations are for business or […]

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10 Things to Know About Car Insurance

When it comes to our cars, safety and reliability can be important. Car insurance is required by law, although there are different types of coverage available. We make payments every month whether there is an accident or not in exchange for a document that proves we are insured. If you are pulled over by police […]

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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Car

If there’s one word to describe car dealerships, it is pushy. A car salesman has the tendency to work for commission; the more deals they close, the fatter their paycheck. It’s no wonder why car shopping can be pretty stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The following questions will help you purchase a car […]

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Is Tesla’s New Autopilot Technology Safe?

In 2015, Tesla Motors introduced the technology that movies created for fiction, into a reality. Autopilot technology was equipped in the Model S to begin presenting the future of self-driving vehicles. As the year has progressed, Tesla unveiled an upgrade to the autopilot software to 7.0. However, it seems the public has not been convinced […]

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Car Myths Debunked

Getting your license at 16 years old was great, despite the fact we hardly knew anything about the car we were driving. The amount of car information that was handed down was much appreciated, but we felt that some of it might be untrue. It turns out some of them were! Here are the most […]

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Best Tires For Your Vehicle

Safety starts with the durability of tires as it creates friction between the gravel and rubber. Keeping your tires in good condition is imperative for safe traveling. Still, when you’re in the market for tires, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know which tires are efficient in functionality and safety? The following are […]

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Vehicle Issues? We Have Tips!

There’s nothing more annoying than to see your car break down in the middle of the highway. Not only is it a hazard, but it is nerve-wracking to deal with. We’ve heard so many clients share their car breakdown nightmares, and we sure don’t want you to go through the same experience. So we decided […]